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Family Business Support Center

Inspired by the challenges facing small businesses resulting from the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, Landmark Advisors has created a new division of the company called the Family Business Support Center (the “FBSC”) devoted to assisting small business owners with a host of needs in a way that suits their immediate needs.

Through the FBSC, Landmark provides webinars and live educational services, networking opportunities and direct support through consulting and other services. For those clients seeking our direct services, we offer a six step process. You are welcome to utilize in one of the following or, most commonly, we provide them all as a package for our clients.

First, in understanding the financial distress felt by so may businesses, we provide tailored debt resolution services to struggling business owners working through difficult circumstances. We help business owners tackle difficult debt resolution issues they are unable to solve directly with creditors.

Second, we work with you to create new business structures and be sure you’re properly capitalized for the future. We establish new LLCs and corporations when necessary and make sure all of the corporate governance structures are in place, including the operating agreements or bylaws are drafted to meet the specific objectives of the business.

Third, if there is the potential and it’s in your best interests as the owner of the business to look at any kind of transfer of assets, we look at your business closely, including your existing financial statements, past bank, A/R and other records and tax returns and then apply the most appropriate valuation techniques in order to determine the best and most accurate value of your firm.

Fourth, one of the most important things we do at Landmark is to use our network to identify and find new capital to be injected into your business once the debt and structural issues facing your company have been addressed. We work with private equity, venture capital and angel networks to find the right match to take your company from where it is to where you want it to be in the next five to ten years.

Fifth, Landmark Advisors negotiates the terms of letters of intent and the sale or acquisition in deals so that not only price terms, but representations, warranties, indemnifications, restrictive covenants and even the definitions that can make or break you when the deal is done.

Finally, we document and bring transactions to a close and complete a transfer of business assets that enables you to move forward with your next endeavor at the best exit value and opportunity in the marketplace.

Landmark handles acquisitions as readily as we handle sales, and we work across industries, company size and geographical limitations. We also serve clients with consulting on an ongoing or project basis to ensure the best service is always available to you and your company.

The Family Business Support Center provides its services to clients at the lowest rates it can sustain. We depend on the support of generous, successful donors who have overcome challenges of their own and understand the value of paying back to the small business community they came from.

Please support our efforts by clicking HERE and giving the FBSC as you are able. We deeply appreciate your support!