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Divorce & Family Law

The primary purpose of legal proceedings in a divorce proceeding is to provide for an equitable division of marital property with a presumption of a 50-50 split between the parties. So the job for the parties and their attorneys is to first determine what the marital property includes, both assets and liabilities, then to determine whether the presumed 50-50 split is equitable. Of course, the parties often disagree over the actual property value of the estate as well as what constitutes an equitable division of that property.

When the parties have children born of the marriage, there are also issues of custody, support and parenting time that must be decided before the marriage can be officially dissolved.

With all of the issues involved in a divorce, the need for skilled counsel, i.e. an experienced divorce attorney, is critical to achieving the best resolution of the case you can attain. Landmark Advisors’ legal team brings over 30 years of experience to help you through the painful and difficult process of going through a divorce.

The beginning of the process involves getting to know your attorney and his approach to the law. Intake includes understanding your subjective goals as well as acquiring the information evidencing the assets and liabilities included in the marital estate, as well as other evidence relating to your children and the their specific needs and interests.

Litigation in a divorce can be wrapped up in as little as a few months, or can go on for more than a year if the case is complex or there is a high degree of conflict between the parties. The vast majority of divorces are resolved between the parties and their attorneys or in mediation. Less than 20% go to a contested final hearing, and when they do, everyone tends to walk away unhappy.

Having an attorney who understands and is empathetic with your position, as well as capable of helping you understand where you have to compromise to come to the best resolution you can, is a great benefit, and will be worth what you pay for years after the divorce is finished.

At Landmark, we pride ourselves in attention to the client’s needs. No settlement, nor any other major case decision is ever made without your input and final say over what is done. It’s your case! At the beginning, in the middle and when it comes to an end. But certainly, having that attorney who will aid you in working through the tenuous and difficult conflict that invariably comes along with a divorce, is a great benefit and will serve you well.

If you need legal advice on how to deal with the issues you’re facing in a divorce, please complete the following response form and our office will be in touch within the next business day.