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Child Custody and Parenting Time

When children are involved in the breakup of a relationship, the process is inevitably more painful for both parents as well as the children. The process of working out parenting time (visitation) issues is rarely smooth or straightforward.

A skilled child custody lawyer is able to cut through the challenges of parenting time guidelines, shared parenting, joint physical and joint legal custody to get to the resolution that can be satisfactory to the client, but is always built around the best interests of the child.

Whether the case involves a Guardian Ad Litem, psychiatric evaluations, a parenting coordinator, mediation, change of custody, guardianship law or any other matter surrounding custody law, parenting time or child support, the child custody attorneys at Landmark Law are able to help you regain peace of mind and security for you and your children.

Every custody situation is unique. Some involve divorce. Others are matters of paternity. Still others have a guardianship involved. Sadly, many require supervised visitation, at least for a period of time. Children need both parents, but hey also need healthy parents.

Landmark’s legal team has dealt with every type of custody situation at some point in time and we know how to resolve matters in the best way possible for you and your kids. Our initial conversation is at no cost to you, we want you to understand your rights, the actions you can take, and what it will cost to pursue the legal action that is an inevitable part of a custody dispute. Please understand the toll of broken relationship with children is both emotional and financial. And good legal representation comes at a high price.

Be prepared to take it on for what it is worth. The opportunity to raise your children and watch them grow up only comes once. You want to do whatever you can to make it count.

If you’re preparing to file for a change in custody, filing over relocation, dealing with child support, show cause or contempt motions or defending against one of these or needing assistance addressing any child custody matter, please provide your contact information and a short description of your case, and a skilled child custody lawyer from the Landmark legal team will contact you shortly.